We finished Call Course at the thirteenth week.Teacher gave a last task about the course.He said to us ‘You will find your first blog post, which was related to your expectations, opinions and comments about the course; then you will write a new blog post about what has changed, what do you think about the course, etc.’ So I have read my first reflection,I usually mentioned Call Course provides a number of advantages for language learning and this lesson very effective to develop,but I was afraid of this course,I thought that I didn’t have any idea about computer programs.

Thanks to Sedat teacher,I learnt too much things about the course.Firstly,I have a blog.I have an idea about mobile applicatons,because I didn’t know meaning of the word before.Then I learnt pressreader,merriam webster,dropbox etc.

Before this course.I only used the computer for facebook,because I didn’t understand anything programs.Through the course I learnt how to use computer programs.When I will become a teacher I will use them in my classroom so this course should be compulsory in every university.Each teacher should learn how to use computer programs in their classroom. I am happy with taking this course.

 I want to thank our teacher 🙂

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In thıs week ,our topic is webbly.I think that weebly is so simple to use and build your own website.Our final task was prezi,but teacher said that it was more difficult than webbly so the task was changed to webbly.We learnt how to create a website by using weebly.It is so easy but I didn’t create a website before.I need to learn a lot of things about it.
Other topic was second life.It is online virtual world.Teacher showed some pictures about it.It is very an interesting programme.In my opinion,  second life was like sims game,but teacher said the game was different to sims game. People are called in two way today some are “digital immigrants” who meet with technology long after they were born and the others “ digital natives” who born with technology. 


This week we talked about  podcasting. Podcasting is a free service that allows Internet users to pull audio files (typically MP3s) from a podcasting web site to listen to on their computers or personal digital audio players.I took the sentence from a webside.It is the first time I heard about podcasting.I don’t have any idea about it before.

Teacher asked us to record our voice publish it on audioboo website.And he said the record would be our failure experiences.

You can listen to what you want, when you want, and how you want. Especially you can use for education purposes.It s very enjoyable.


This week we learned how make digital storytelling and story jumper.I was very enjoyed.We watch a short story.Teacher said to us that we could use easily in our classroom.I thınk they are very useful for us in the future.We used digital storytelling in Derya Erice’s course so I have known something about it.

Teacher asked to us to make a digital storytelling and story jumper for next week.We can use digital storytelling with movie maker.

Story jumper is very interesting programme .You can create your own story.You can add text  and picture whatever  you want.It is very colourful.If you want to teach a story to your students,You actually should use the programme.It is very enjoyable.We can use them in our school life 😉



Unfourtanetly,I couldn’t attend the course in this week.But my friends told me something about the content of the course.Our topic was facebook,twitter and skype.

I use facebook,twitter and skype.I have been using facebook for many years.but I dont have any idea about twitter and skpe.We upload videos,share our photos ,play games,chat with our friends via facebook.

I think twitter is not necessary because it is like facebook.I have an account for skype but I don’t know how use it.

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We talked about online confrence in this week.Teacher talked  about Wiziq.It is an online education platform.In here teachers and students are connected to share a common workspace.It can be used freely.Teachers connect face to face with their students all around the world.You can use camera for chating with other people.We signed up this site.It helps to initate contacts between other members .During the lesson  we can see everything in here .For ex.if your teacher share an article,you can see easily,like that …


In this week,we have  learned about nicenet and dokeos.These are used for creating online classroom.I thınk that nicenet is very useful for all student,because it can be used for sharing documents:final articles and sending personal messages to other class members as individually or a group.

The other is campus dokeos. You can create your course through the web. You can make quizes and evaulate them. Dokeos is most ufesul than nicenet for especially teachers. I liked this program 🙂